John Atkinson

I am a 13 year old on the internet who’s physical body is in Mississippi who likes to create stuff for the internet.

A lot of the things I make aren't really projects per se, but they are just little things I publish and forget.

If you remember this site before, you might be wondering, "Where's the big picture of John's face?" I don't feature that so prominently any more but if you want to see it.

I used to restrict myself to only Apple platforms because that what what I knew, but now I use the right tool for the job. I also really like how I can make something stupid, put it on a domain or subdomain, and hit publish. On the App Store you can't really do many funny things or parody things because all apps have to be "useful".

Lately I have been learning to let go and have some fun with this amazing skill. I used to have trouble doing that because I thought everything had to be a "business" and it had to be "serious".

I think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are amazing because of its decentralized nature. You don't need permission to create a wallet or send money to someone else, but the KYC for the exchanges sucks.

Maybe this homepage is starting to turn into like a microblog of sorts by accident..... oops

By the way, repeatable proccesses I always have to relearn when I need them are going to be on the blog.

For real I am going to wrap this up now.

Help I can't turn the firehose of thought off.

Find m*faucet turning sound*